5 Cardinal Rules for Men Wearing Jewellery


For many men wearing jewellery is still a mystery and for a long time it was considered a feminime practice but no more. We believe it has the power to make you feel confident, strong and ready to take on the world. It’s a great way to express your creativity and personality.  

The word jewellery itself is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French "jouel", and beyond that, to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Which, to be honest, is quite fitting. 


You see, everybody looks good in jewellery, the key is in how you style it. 

We’ve got you! 

So without further adieu we’ve put together 5 Cardinal Rules for Men Wearing Jewellery.

RULE # 1 - Understand the symbolism of jewellery

There is a long-standing tradition of wearing pieces of jewellery that are symbolic in nature. Jewellery has been a symbol of protection for centuries. Historically, people would wear jewellery as an amulet to provide them with safety and security. Or they might have worn it as an expression of their faith in the hope that it brought them luck. As society grew more affluent, wearing expensive jewellery became not only fashionable but also signified one's social status; this is still true today.

These days some people may choose items simply because they look pretty on someone else without considering any other function those pieces could serve but we believe it’s good to know and beware of what meaning your jewellery holds.

If this interests you, check out our blog on THE SYMBOLIC MEANING OF RINGS AND FINGERS.”

RULE # 2 - When in doubt, keep it simple

It's often said that less is more, and the same holds true when you're first learning to wear jewellery. The key rule for beginners is keeping it simple - in order to ease into wearing jewellery without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with all of your choices. It might seem counter-intuitive but even if you've never worn any before, don't feel obligated to try every piece right away!

For example - The Modest, and The Dusk Chain Necklace. 


RULE #3 - One chunky ring per hand

Limit yourself to only one chunky ring on each hand such as The Godfather. If you want a little extra flare, stack with smaller band pieces like the Mr Modest.  A small amount of jewellery can go a long way, even just one or two well-selected pieces. 

RULE #4 - Spread it out

Separate your rings and bracelets if you're wearing three or more. Allow your jewellery to shine individually, rather than getting lost and blending into one. 

RULE #5 - Know the power of a good stack/layering

When it comes to necklaces, rings or bracelets, knowing how to stack them is a super power in itself. If wearing a cuff, like the Sungazer,  partner it with something minimal like The Dusk Chain Bracelet. 

Now, after learning these rules - show us what you’ve got. 

We would love to see! 

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Suggestion from Matthew Banks, The Founder of Merchants: If you’re new to wearing jewellery start off with; Mr Modest or The Blank.

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