5 Things The Team Loved This Week!

A few weeks ago we started throwing around ideas for creative blog posts. We s tarted talking about the things we were loving and what was currently inspiring us! ⁠

Thus birthed the latest segment for the Merchants Journal '5 Things We Loved This Week' ⁠

With hopes to turn this weekly, we’ll bring you 5 things we couldn’t get enough of; from books, music, and movies, to brands we love and more! ⁠

This list will be your gateway into the rabbit hole of entertainment, and inspiration... ⁠

Matt's Pick (FOUNDER)

Introducing the incredibly talented 39-year-old photographer Sebastion Zanella. Hailing from France, this voguish photographer only shoots on film and holy shit, his photos are amazing!  

To say he’s gifted is an understatement. Zanella’s photography is pure poetry as he masters a truly unique approach to freedom of expression. He loves to explore the human condition in global skateboarding, surfing and street culture.

Zanella is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Desillusion Magazine, an online and print publication dedicated to a youth who grew up on a skate or surfboard. 

Check out the documentary he made called, ‘This is Eric Koston’ on skateboarder Eric Koston and make sure to check him out!



Habits - Everyone’s got them and whether you realise it or not they could be the crux of what’s holding you back from achieving your goals. 

These could be habits as small as; making your bed, or as big as slurping your food or picking your nose in public. 

This book is the most comprehensive, and easy to read guide that just lays it all on the line and gives you the tools you need to change the infinitesimally small habits we all have.

James doesn’t expect much - instead, he asks you to just improve 1% every day, making this book the most realistic self-help book in the world. 

Although a pick by Jariah, this is currently a favourite in the Merchants office, with at least three copies floating around - we suggest you get yours ASAP!


A treat for the earholes, enter the room CAAMP - Birthed by boyhood friends, Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier in Athens, Ohio. Like most bands, the early days involved a lot of beers, playing in coffee shops and living together in an attic. 

This folk band will transport you to the foothills of a mountain, as the sun sets and the sky turns pink. Their music is nostalgic and becoming with each nuance complimenting the other. 

Check out their latest album, ‘by and by’


Jean Pierrot, received his first digital camera from his aunt at just 14 years old and thus, he found his first true love. I wish we could find her, give her a giant hug and thank her for igniting the fire inside this mans soul. 

Now, at just 21 years old, Pierrot has developed a passion for film photography where his talent is nothing short of f**kn amazing!! 

He shoots mostly in B&W, creating a nostalgic, delicate and dreamy vibe!

You can check out his self-published book, Romance here. 

Pierrot, told RUSSH magazine, “[Romance] in its core tries to tells my story of remoteness from everyday life that a romance can be. It's my falling in love, embodied and dissected in a book that is no statement but merely a personal album of memories. It demystifies an intimate process we all unknowingly undertake at least once.”

Angus's Pick (THE INTERN)


Ok Ok, time to add some colour to the palette. Hiroshi Nagai, has been picked by the Merchants intern, Angus and what a great pick at that!

Originally a Graphic Artist, Hiroshi Nagai has been creating balling artwork like the above since 1978. Crisp urban landscapes and tropical motifs, the incredibly detailed oil paintings have adorned album covers for numerous artists, such as Naoya Matsuoka, Hiroshi, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Teen Runnings, Sunny Day Service, and Kashif!

Nowadays, Hiroshi is not only an artist but doubles as a DJ, designer and music critic.  




Make sure to check back every Friday and get ready to immerse yourself for the weekend! 

Furthermore, not only do we encourage, but we would LOVE for this to be collaborative segment, and hear what you're all vibing on this week too—so make sure to get involved, drop your suggestions below or in the blog comments to be featured in next weeks blog post!

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