We are opening the Merchants archives to the public and hosting an EXCLUSIVE sale to clear our shelves.
From samples to staff favourites to old faithfuls, you’re invited to enjoy 30% off selected pieces.
An archive sale speaks to the face value of Merchants: the sale of goods, the decoration of people. But you know we are more than that; nothing here is ever superficial and our promises are so far from empty.
Providing you with an opportunity to view our gallery of archives delves below that surface, as your support leverages our mission of inspiring the world to mindfully consume and consciously create.
The heart of Merchants will always hark back to the longevity of every single piece. We remember each product we create with nothing short of fondness. Opening our doors to you ensures every Merchants piece ends up in the right hands, opening a channel to ensure discontinued designs, samples and remaining stock remain in circulation.
We don’t believe in waste - it really is that simple. You’ll never catch us irresponsibly disposing of products or not taking time to clean up our footsteps.
We have an obligation to you, our audience, to reject overconsumption as a business model. Instead, we work with our planet and future in mind, understanding that everything we do imprints on our surroundings.
It’s this idea that drives our ethos and our dedication to a philosophy of benevolence.
While we will be melting down and recycling all remaining stock, we want to first extend an invitation to you to snag your favourites from a selected range. Something big is coming, and this is your last chance to get some of the pieces you know and adore.
Enjoy a FREE shipping and gift on orders over $150.
Enter our archives and stay a while, but don’t get used to this rare opportunity.
Consider your purchase. Care for your pieces. Think sustainably.
Online: 02.07.22. 9am AEST
In-store: 1/2086 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami.
9am - 3pm, Saturday & Sunday ONLY.
Subscribe to receive EARLY ACCESS and a first look at promoted items - be quick, spaces are strictly limited. Keep an eye on our socials for more.


  • Ann MB

    I discovered jewellery brand on Tik Tok and purchased 3 pieces immediately. I love the brand’s purpose, vision, social and environmental responsibility, and most of all, the designs and materials used. I value the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brand importantly too. Great results. Well Done.

  • Bridget

    Yay so excited for this!! Absolutely love all of your pieces!

  • Charlie Hodges

    I love your rings

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