All Close the Loop claims can be made via the designated portal here.
Renewed and reborn, Merchants of the Sun is conducted according to the ways of this prefix.
In the sweltering fever of time, we are left only with what we have. If that time governs anything, it is the ability to take beyond means.
Setting a new pace requires consistently considering every facet of our production and retail processes, which subsequently necessitates a circular lifestyle program.
Picture the lifecycle of what you wear as a timeline from sourcing to wearing to disposal. First, the item is born out of raw materials, which are sourced, mined or harvested in the case of fibre. From there, those materials are manufactured into the item itself. You will then purchase the item in that form, wear and care for it. When you no longer have use for the item, you will dispose of it and likely send it to landfill. This process is linear, from birth to death or ‘cradle to grave’ as we know it, yet it is also malleable. We want to bring the two ends of the timeline together to form a circle, closing the loop of consumption of Merchants and the Sun adornments.

Geometry aside, one piece of jewellery contributes over 5kg of carbon dioxide equivalent to the atmosphere, from material sourcing to end-of-life disposal. Greenhouse gases (i.e. those carbon dioxide equivalents) are emitted in various ways throughout production, rising into the atmosphere and trapping heat. The end stage of fashion is a particularly detrimental phase in this sense, and directing everything we own to waste contributes to air pollution and climate change. Adding to general waste, unused silver and metals have levels of toxicity that can damage our surroundings if left untracked.
This impact is so far from negligible, yet it has been totally disregarded by the wider fashion industry. Viewing fashion production through green coloured glasses does more harm than good, making it hugely material to assess waste management as part of our business operations. It is not sufficient to simply offset our impact in numbers, we must take genuine action to mitigate our own burden on the environment.
Close the Loop is named for the function of the program itself, taking unused jewellery and using already existing materials for future collections. To ensure we leave nothing behind, we are offering $40.00 in store credit for any pieces you wish to recycle. We will accept all Merchant's jewellery that has been owned in a new, used or damaged condition outside of our Merchant's warranty period of 12 months.
Whether you’ve outgrown a piece physically or let go of a piece emotionally, send your silver and gold back to the House of Merchants. We will then send all stock back to our production house to be melted down to reduce our sourcing amounts for future collections. We refuse to hoard materials and deplete the world of newness we cannot afford.
If you aren't ready to let go of your Merchants pieces but they need a little freshen up, come into the House of Merchants and we will reshape your rings for you for no extra charge. For those who don't live close by, send us a message and we will refer you to a local jeweller or accessories store for the same service.
For damaged pieces, please get in touch with us. If your item has been purchased within the past 12 months and you send it back to us for recycling, we will send you a replacement for the cost of return shipping. If your item is no longer in warranty and you send it back to us for recycling, we will offer 50% of the product's value to go towards your new piece if within the warranty period otherwise, we will give you a $40 store credit in exchange for your piece.

Our Close the Loop program is just one vow we are making to our people and planet. Collective movement is a central notion of conscious fashion and we are committed to educating each other and our community to know some and learn more. In the interests of sustainable fashion, we are changing the language of ‘need’ to ‘desire’, reprogramming consumption habits to prioritise ethics over excess.
Each of our returns processes works to ensure you have the jewellery you desire, without adding to the growing bank of waste on our planet. If you aren't sure which avenue to take, whether that is recycle, exchange or repair, please get in touch with us.
Be mindful that one recycled product does not justify a lifetime of excessive waste and consumption. As wearers and sharers of fashion, we are not vindicated by a simple return and must continue to live by the tenets of sustainability and conscious living. Continue to live and create with purpose, and work with time to restructure your habits and stifle distractions.
With due care, your pieces are designed to live with you and last decades without tarnishing or warping. Always shop mindfully, reject trend-based purchases, and think about your impact before adding to your cart and wardrobe.
Learn more about the Close the Loop program here.