Merchants Gifting Guide

As the Christmas season is upon us, we thought it was about time we got our butts into gear and set up The Merchants Gifting Guide. 

Try not to freak out as most people do when the words Christmas shopping start getting thrown around - we feel ya. It's daunting. It's time-consuming, and it's bloody tiring. Lucky for you we've extended the return and exchange period to 60 days so if you have any troubles feel free to drop us a line at  

So let's hope this makes it a little easier and a little more enjoyable for you. 

We've put together Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, and gifts for YOU! 

Check it out below! 




1. The Switch Pendant - $120.00

An honourable hero, the serpent openly embraces the dagger, tending towards its sharpness - balancing fear with the wonders of life.

2. The Sunwalker - $120.00

Boasting a traditional signet face, enriched with a cutting-edge design, this ring was inspired by ancient tales from long ago.

3. The Dusk Chain - $110.00

The Dusk Chain is a reminder that, like the moon, we are still whole in all of life's phases.

4. The God Father - $150.00

This ring was crafted with time and care, handmade from sterling silver, and oxidized to add character.


1.  Mr Modest Gold - $195.00

Mr Modest is an all-rounder, neither masculine nor feminine; although he would never admit it, this is simply an outstanding ring.

2. The Lovers Pendant - $140.00

Let the two sides of this pendant brush shoulders with your wild glory and symbolise the culmination of two in perfect union - as one cannot survive without the other.

3. The Sungazer Cuff Gold - $250.00

Upon the cusp of the morning, a timeless piece was forged - in the beacons of light and everlasting warmth rises The Sungazer Cuff - now available in gold. 


1. Dusk Bracelet - $80.00

Crafted in daylight and cast into the night, our 925 sold-silver chains have been brought to life straight from a dream.

2. Envy - $110.00

Our palm-tree faced-ring is etched for style with its well-worn design - neither feminine nor masculine; we have created The Envy for all hands.

3. Cherry Bomb - $110.00

The cherry bomb ring—a sailor jerry inspired piece featuring an etched cherry in the face of the ring.


1. Merchants signature Key Chain - $20.00

The signature 'Merchants' leather keychain—a simple key/jewellery utility clip featuring a genuine leather strap and durable brass accents that will last the test of time.

2. Sticker Pack - $10.00

A limited-edition hand-drawn sticker pack by guest artist, HOUS. Features a set of five branded merchants drawings.


OR too much to choose from, why not let them decide for themselves? 

Grab a Gift Voucher. 


& If you feel like spoiling them, have you seen the bundles that we released last Friday? 

Check em' out

Anyway the point of this was not to overwhelm you with choices, but we're just excited!

Happy shopping Merchants Fam!

We will be posting orders right up until December 17th; however, due to the postal service being a bit of pain at the moment due to our good mate COVID-19 - we suggest getting in as quickly as you can!  

Shipping Cut Offs:

November 22nd - International Standard

November 25th - International Express

December 13th - Domestic Standard

December 17th - Domestic Express

FYI, we've extended the return and exchange period so if you have any troubles feel free to drop us a line at 

And as always share your Gifting stories with Merchants of the Sun by tagging us in your photos and using the hashtag #merchantsofthesun

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