Stack and Save with The Bundles Drop!

We are very excited to announce our bundles are LIVE.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to choose something, whether it be for yourself as a first-time jewellery wearer, something for a loved one, or perhaps you've been stewing over whether to blend metals or not.

We've compiled them into 14 bundles of joy, but so you don't get bored of this blog post, we've narrowed it down to our Top 5 that we know y'all will dig!

Style yourself, or style someone else with these rad combos!

We've chosen something for everyone: mixed metals, some for him, some for her and something for the lovers.

Yes, that also means a cheeky discount for the Merchants Fam, a whopping 15% to be exact! 

Check out our bundles below!

This two piece bundle includes best sellers

The Sunwalker

Mr Modest

And is the perfect for the first time jewellery wearer. Simple and sleek.

The Dusk Chain Necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit, anytime. Pair that with The Papillon and you have the perfect combination for him or her. 



Who said mixed metals didn't work together? 

Stack The Dusk Ring and The Circadian together or wear on either hand and let The Godfather be brazen on its own - this is a combination that stands out. 


This combination was specifically curated for The Lovers. 

The ornate details of the lover's pendant shine through in either gold or silver while The Dusk Ring in gold and Circadian in silver are a simple commitment to be adorned as a representation of your love - whether that be your partner, sister, or closest mate. 


The ultimate Merchants Club combo. Perhaps you haven't worn jewellery before and want a full set-up and if that's the case then this is the combination for you. 

The Papillon, Mr Modest, Sunwalker are three of our best sellers. Our styling tip for this combination is to wear The Papillon and Mr Modest on the same hand, whiles wearing The Sunwalker on the other. 

To complete the full look we have included The Hermes Pendant and The Liminal Chain to add that extra flair. 




For the full range bundles you can check it out here and stay tuned for our Merchants Gifting Guide dropping Tuesday! 

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