Cuffs & Bracelets


    Raw, handcrafted and timeless. Our men’s and women's, gold and silver cuff bracelets feature rough, hand-hewn details that obscure a hidden lustre beneath. Like a coyote glimpsed in the moonlight, silver and gold cuff bracelets from Merchants of the Sun hint at a wildness — the raw power of nature contained and held in your gaze for a blink of an eye.

    Shop men’s and women's silver and gold cuff bracelets online

    Unearth our collection of men’s and women's cuff bracelets online. Wear a gold or silver cuff bracelet as an expression of your own style — as an everyday piece that travels with you rain, hail or shine. Our recycled silver and gold cuff bracelets have been repurposed and given new life as an adornment that can be worn with a simple tee and jeans or formal suiting. The accessory you’ll never want to take off, your everyday armour and a sign of who you are.

    Exclusive designs by Merchants Of The Sun

    Our men’s and women's cuff bracelets are made from ethically sourced, recycled material: reflecting the ethical roots of our brand. Recycled 925 sterling silver takes a discarded resource and transforms it into raw and impactful designs. 925 sterling silver is the perfect combination of shine and steel — being one of the most durable silver materials used in jewellery making. A tough material to encircle the wearer no matter where they go. 

    Merchants of the Sun creates all of our jewellery to tell a story of aesthetics and empowerment that always stays true to who we are. Shop the full collection of men’s and women's cuff bracelets, rings, chains and pendants today.