The Ring Club is the most exclusive Merchants range.

The premise is simple, but the reward is striking. Periodically, we will release a design that is available for 48 hours only. Only an extremely limited number of pieces are produced, and they will never be recreated.

These are the forever designs, the notes to our future selves, and the collector’s pieces you’d hate to miss. These are the all-time rings.

A place were we venture into alternative materials and motifs to create rare designs that are only available to the lucky few.

Each drop represents a particular moment in time, while remaining a memento of elsewhere, everywhere and wherever. Browse the archive and let us know what you are hoping to see next.






How do I access the Ring Club?

The Ring Club is private access only, open for 48 hours each drop. Exclusive, limited designs are made available to Insiders, and Makers.
Follow the steps below to unlock access.
  1. Sign up to the Culture Club here.
  2. Engage with Merchants Labels and grow your jewellery collection to earn points.
  3. Reach and sustain at least 1,000 points at the time of launch.
  4. When a new design drops, sign in to your account to view and purchase within 48 hours.

I have the right tier, so why can’t I access?

Please contact us via with any queries, qualms or concerns. It might be a glitch, it might be a tech issue, it might be something else - all are fixable if you reach out to our wonderful Customer Service team.

I used to be an insider/maker,, but now im not.

The tier you’re in depends on how many points you’ve banked, which changes as you earn and use them. If you were an Insider previously and have redeemed points later, you may have dropped a tier. Log in to the Culture Club to check you have the required points to stay in the Insider tier, and reach out to us with any questions.

I ordered the wrong size - what happens now?

Please triple check your ring size before purchasing any Ring Club styles. Ring Club is made-to-order so if you ordered the wrong size and realise soon after placing your order, contact our Customer Service team ASAP and they may be able to fix your order details. We can’t guarantee that we can amend orders post-purchase, but please reach out and we’ll see what we can do.