Terrain Stud | Gold
Terrain Stud | Gold

Terrain Stud


Regular price$275.00

  • / Certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active
  • / Certified Recycled 925 Silver
  • / 1 Year Warranty

Overlapping ideas neatly contrast to form the basis of imagination. The Terrain Stud delves into the conceptual, the ideas that are cut into the frame of our thinking.

This stud features a multi-layer face, with jagged shapes joined in feature, crafted with consideration from 925 sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil.

The Terrain Stud is unisex, designed to fit and suit you all. Read our Journal to learn how to find the right piece for you, and take a leaf out of the Merchants book and pair the Terrain with the Nomad Pendant.

Terrain Stud | Gold

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