Care for your jewellery.


Merchants of the Sun are committed to producing high-quality, handcrafted pieces made for the socially conscious, fashion-forward individual.

When it comes to jewellery, there is always a sentimental reason behind each purchase. Our pieces are crafted by hand and designed to last lifetimes (on the basis that they are carefully worn and taken care of).

To preserve your items' longevity and natural charm, we have collated a list of quick and easy suggestions on caring for jewellery.

How do I prevent my ring from bending?

All Merchants of the Sun pieces are made from high-grade sold 925 silver (92.5% silver), a very soft, ductile and malleable metal. Although rugged and raw in appearance, our pieces are fine jewellery – which means the higher the quality, the more care is needed.

The easiest way to prevent your ring from being distorted is to take it off your hands before undertaking any intense work or activity and ensure you store your jewellery in a safe place when not wearing it (the bottom of your training bag/pocket is not a safe place).

Holding too much weight or even hitting your hands against blunt objects will deform the ring unless you take precautions.

Activities that may damage or deform your ring include, but are not limited to;

- using hammers/tools
- lifting heavy weights
- drumming your hands on objects (tables, car dashboards, roofs, etc)
- bartending and hitting your hands on shakers
- dropping your ring from above head height
- running over your ring with your car
- bare knuckle boxing / fighting
- excessive fist bumps on a night out
- skating

(this list was formed from actual customer use cases)

If there’s anything to take away from this—look after your damn rings!

If your ring is bent out of shape to the point its not wearable anymore, please contact us and will be able to assist you with a repair! ($30 flat rate for rings and $50 flat rate for cuffs)

Can I go swimming with my jewellery?

Absolutely! We encourage all salty dips with our jewellery as the saltwater does not affect your silver quality.

You can wear your jewellery in the ocean, shower, or pool; it will not tarnish; if anything, the water will polish your piece up over time.

Something to be mindful is that your hands shrink when they are in colder temperatures, so there is a chance that it might fall off – be conscious of this when you’re surfing/swimming!

How do I care for my stone pieces?

The two most common reasons for a stone to fall out of a ring is because the setting has deformed from wear, or the epoxy glue holding it in place has melted from being exposed to hot temperatures.

Do not wear gemstone pieces while showering, washing your hands or using heat dryers.

In addition to this, please do not get your stone resized as it will cause the stone setting to come deformed and possibly crack the stone.

If you need a smaller/large stone ring, please contact, and we will be able to assist you.

How do I stop my jewellery from oxidising?

As simple as it might sound, wearing your jewellery will keep your piece from oxidising over time. This is because there are natural oils in your skin that stops silver from tarnishing.

However, if your silver is not worn for long periods, it begins to discolour as a result of being in contact with common atmospheric pollutants. This can give your piece a tint—ranging from a slight yellow tinge to a dark black (depending on how long it hasn’t been worn).

A great method to keep your piece polished and shiny while not wearing it is by storing it in an air-tight container or zip lock bag.

We also highly advise you to avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals when wearing jewellery as these chemicals can oxidise and tarnish your piece. Even some colognes can contain chemicals that will turn your piece black.

How do I clean my jewellery if it tarnishes or oxidises?

Each product you purchase from Merchants will come with a complimentary silver polish cloth; a soft cotton cloth infused with highly-effective silver polish ingredients to restore its shine and inhibit discolouration.

If you haven't worn your piece for a while, we recommend cleaning it with the polish cloth to bring some life back into the silver.

If you have misplaced your polish cloth, feel free to come into our Gold Coast Studio or email us at, and we will happily offer another, free of charge.

How do I prevent my cuff from snapping/breaking?

Ensure you only resize-adjust your cuff ONCE when you first receive and leave it once you have the correct fit.

You shouldn’t need to adjust your cuff every time you are removing / putting on your cuff. You are most likely not following the correct technique if this is the case. We will release another blog on how to resize & put your cuff on correctly.

If you are still not sure, don't hesitate to contact us and we will happily assist you.

If there is anything that you take away from our care guide, it's:

- Stay away from harsh chemicals
- Avoid hot water
- Stay off the tools
- Be mindful when training
- Put it on last

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