Care for your silver.

You've got some epic pieces soon to be in your collection! Our oxidized silver rings are pretty easy to care for although to still require a little bit of tender love and care.
Caring for your silver
Keep That Shape Intact!
If this is your first sterling silver ring, the first huge difference between sterling silver and plated silver is that your ring is almost pure silver. (92.5%)
Silver is a malleable and soft metal and in high purity like 925, it can be bent without heat pretty easily. So we highly recommend taking your ring's off before hitting the tools and don't try to open your beer with it haha. Unlike with stainless steel rings, trying open a bevy with a silver ring will warp it. We've learned that one the hard way haha. 🛠
Keep That Shape Intact!
Can I Surf With My Jewels?
Don't do it! Haha, going for a swim, jumping in a lake? Take 'em off man, nothing to do with care either, our ring's hold up with salt, just give them a polish here and there with a sterling silver polish cloth. Running water just makes rings slip off easy, you'll come out of your surf a few rings less, definitely a froth killer.
Can I Surf With My Jewels?
Keeping That Shine...
We now ship all our rings with a sterling silver polish cloth, these have a special chemical in them to remove tarnish. If you never got one we do apologize we may not have been giving these out yet, or if you lost yours... Just head over to eBay, you snag them for pretty cheap and get 1-2 for around $2.50aud. High-quality sterling silver will start to yellow after a 'lil', after a really long time, it will then go blackish. Just give them a quick rub down here an there and they'll stay looking fresh forever. Seriously though, these work like magic.
What About A Silver Dip?! 
These are epic! Just don't use them on our rings haha. These work amazing and are epic for bracelet's etc but will remove the oxidation from the groves which is one of the features that gives the rings epic character. So if you're using it on one of our bracelets or chain's just keep the end with the etching above the surface.
☼ Happy Polishing Lords ☼