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Our Story.

Founded on the beaches of Indonesia and Byron Bay, Merchants of the Sun are makers of unique, handcrafted pieces for the modern wanderer. Conceived in the footsteps of the intensely creative Banks brothers – Merchant’s strives to be more than just a brand but a culture. 

The two brothers’ passion for travelling, creating and enjoying life shines through their handmade accessories. Every single little notch and scratch on their rare, exquisite pieces glimmers with untold stories. From the Riads of Morocco to the Temples of Bali, Merchant’s ethically sourced and sustainably created pieces encourages you to be different.

The concept stemmed from a passion of all things vintage and handcrafted. With an ode to minimalism and nostalgia, our pieces endeavour to be less—smaller, elegant, pure and simple.⁠

Merchants is a brand our community can trust to advocate for and champion society's most significant matters. Blinded in an instantaneous era, of clicks and buzzes, we quickly lose sight of what's right in front of us. Looking to the future, we hope to further elevate our brand as a social enterprise; a company who identifies these challenges and becomes educated on ways to engage and take action.

Since the beginning of this project, sustainability has and will continue to be at the front of mind for us. Our dream is to inspire change by leading the way for slow fashion labels!⁠

By batch-crafting our pieces from recycled silver we are able to stick to a 'cradle to cradle' methodology where waste is minimised in production, and most of our materials used are either renewable resources or already in circulation in closed loops⁠.

Our recycled silver is sourced from offcuts and waste used in industrial production. Our packaging is crafted from both recycled cardboard, and paulownia wood—one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, farmed specifically for production.⁠

As we grow, we will endeavour to be as transparent as possible on how we are adhering to this concept. ⁠

Now, what's come for Merchants over the next few months?⁠

Well, that's up to you all!