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The Culture Club

In the afterglow of silver and sizing lies our Culture Club, the place for culture fiends and life chasers. Our reach extends to wherever you are and wherever you wish to be. With this outlook, the pace of creation and consumption becomes something we can accommodate with care. The Merchant's experience is enlivened by you.

Our wearers are the hands that keeps us moving, the foundation of our structure, and the thing that guides our every motion. Bolstered by community and fortified by motive, the way we sift and sigh with the weight of time is shown in the Culture Club. As an insider, you’re privy to the news of drops and projects, and given access to a collaborative world of your peers.

We're in your hands. Explore each and every space of the Culture Club, and make it your own.

Our Projects.

Club Rewards + VIP

Our community is the centrepiece of Merchants. Here’s a little something to say thanks, cheers, ta.

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Close The Loop

To embrace one man’s trash: welcome to our recycling program, Close The Loop. Shop mindfully.

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We're always on the lookout for content virtuosos to wear, love and advocate for Merchants.


Sustainability Goals

Balancing expression and ethical creation: what we're doing and where we're going.

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Common Room

A community hub for people like you. Coming Soon.


Reseller MarketPlace

The place for pre-loved Merchants goodies. Coming Soon.