Surfing the site and not sure what each numbered size means? We've got you.

The easiest way to find the perfect ring for you is using our complimentary, brand-specific ring sizer. Read our handy guide here to decipher your most accurate size.

Otherwise, measure at home in three simple steps.


  • Paper or string
  • Scissors
  • Your favourite finger/s
STEP 1: If using paper, start by cutting out a thin strip (around 3/4-inch wide and 4 inches long, no need to be too precise). If using string, cut a piece approximately 4 inches long.
STEP 2: Wrap the paper/string around the base of your finger, as tightly as you possibly to ensure it is taut without cutting into the skin. Mark where the end overlaps. Measure from the end to that mark in millimetres.
STEP 3: After finding this measurement, double-check you've measured it as firmly as possible, then check our conversion chart below and find your corresponding ring size. 

If the size of your finger below the knuckle drastically differs from the knuckle itself, take two measurements and choose a size that falls between the two parts of your finger. 

Repeat this process on whichever fingers are lucky enough to receive a Merchants adornment. Bear in mind that your dominant hand is likely larger than your other hand, which can affect your ideal size. Our fingers can swell and shrink throughout the day, so we suggest measuring at different times to find the most accurate size for you.

If you fall between sizes, we recommend sizing up - your rings will be more comfortable if they are a fraction too large rather than too small.

Once you’ve discovered your size, head on over to our ring collection and browse your favourite designs.

Our best advice is that if you can get the ring on you, there's always a way to get it off. Either slide the ring off under running water, or use soap to give the finger a bit of slip. Gently rock the ring back and forth as you work it over each knuckle, rather than twisting or tugging. The goal is nailing where the ring sits, so don't panic if you feel a bit of pressure when trying different sizes.
Don't stress if you get it wrong! We have a 30-DAY RETURNS policy in the off chance you manage to order the wrong size. View our full returns info for more.