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We are opening the Merchants archives to the public and hosting an exclusive sale to clear our shelves. From samples to staff favourites to old faithfuls, you’re invited to enjoy 30% off selected pieces. Your purchase will support our mission to keep Merchants products circulating and worn for as long as possible. Rather than hoarding the pieces we have on hand, you have the opportunity to browse and buy the archival items you’ve had your eye on.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

friday for change.

Merchants of the Sun elevates itself as a social enterprise - a brand our community can trust to champion society's most significant matters. Blinded in an instantaneous era of clicks and buzzes, we quickly lose sight of what's right in front of us. We continue to progressively advocate for grassroots and global challenges while actively becoming educated on our impact and how we can take action.

To date, our community has raised $27773.15 towards not-for-profit organisations such as Mindful AusBlack Dog InstituteActionAid and the Australian Cancer Council.

As a jewellery label, everything we take from this earth, we cannot give back. Merchants acknowledge the need for environmental stewardship, which is why we confront and challenge fast-fashion production, to ensure the well-being and quality of life for present and future generations.

Learn more about our pledge on becoming more socially responsible. 



I bought it for my boyfriend as my middle name is Sol which means sun so it was symbolic and i just love the ring too! Always been obsessed with these rings but haven’t found anyone special enough to buy them for until my current boyfriend. So thankyou <3


This ring is a masterpiece and it fits so well! Super stoked with my purchase and will definitely be back for more

Ethan K.

The craftsmanship gone into this ring can be seen right away. Everything from the weight, the feeling of wearing the ring and the rustic look gives off an aura like no other. Even the unpacking experience gave a lasting impression that felt personalised just enough that wasn't freaky! I am inspired by merchants of the sun and hope to continue to purchase more of their unique jewellery pieces.

Sam W.