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It is very important to us that you can confidently find the perfect style and fit when shopping with us online. Now, you can try our products before you buy, completely risk-free!


Use the "Try Before You Buy" button when adding items to your cart.

Enter your card details during checkout as normal, but don't worry, you won't be charged yet. We'll use this card when you decide to complete your order.

Once your order arrives, you will have 3 days to try on the items. We'll send you a link via email and SMS to access your Customer Portal and complete the order.

Simply select your order and follow the steps to finalise your purchase.

You'll only be charged for the items you decide to keep.

Returns Process

Where to send your returns

Address: 1/2086 Gold Coast highway, Miami, 4220

When keeping at least one item:

You'll initially pay for the postage when you send items back, but we will refund you $10 when we receive the return.

When returning the entire order:

Please bear in mind that the cost of postage for returning the entire order will not be reimbursed.

Returns must be posted wihtin 3 days of completing the order. Please note, if you return all items form the order, a $10 try service fee will be applied.