Tokens of love, battle scars and mementos of dreams. Shop men’s and women's pendants from Merchants of the Sun — for those who dream and dare. Rough-and-ready details speak to the cycles of creation and destruction: each of our men’s and women's chain pendants tells a story of life cycles, generations and rebirth. The delicate details of our silver and gold pendants express their strength and toughness. 

    Men’s and women's pendant necklaces for dreamers and nomads

    Embrace creation and invocation with a men's and women's silver pendant from our capsule collection. Like ancient runes, our silver and gold pendants are marked with meanings and mystery, designed for those who wear their own self-expression as a battle shield. Motifs of the sun, serpents and flowers adorn our men’s and women's pendants, speaking words of wisdom, love and mischievousness. 

    Shop handcrafted silver and gold pendants from Merchants of the Sun

    From our men’s and women's pendants to our rings and cuffs, all of our jewellery is crafted from recycled materials — as part of our commitment to eliminating waste. We use recycled 925 sterling silver, a material that would otherwise be discarded, and breathe new life into it. As one of the hardiest precious metals, 925 sterling silver is made to last a lifetime, making it the ideal material for our men’s and women's chain pendants, which are designed to be lived in.

    Born from a dream about an aesthetic movement that would make an impact, Merchants of the Sun is about empowerment and truth in a world that needs more of both. Discover our sustainable collection of men’s and women's chain pendants, rings, cuffs and more today.