Image depicts person walking down rendered villa stairs, with a hand on the wall showing silver and gold jewellery.

What if we told you: it’s not what you wear, it’s the way you wear it.

Storytelling is one of the most enjoyable sides to dressing, undressing, redressing and everything in between.

Fashion is an inherently social concept, as we are wired to interpret what others do and make it our own in the name of allegiance. For centuries, humans have used various forms of media and presentation to observe style - a theory that has only accelerated in recent years.

With that observation comes conversation, which ultimately forms the guiding light in the way we dress. When our vocabulary includes nothing but price tags and seasonality, that conversation becomes alarmingly fleeting.

When we speak in trend cycles and dollar signs, we develop a backwards idea of the very purpose of fashion. Consumerism has warped the way we dress and the way we speak about style simply perpetuates that damning cycle.

Dispensing style is nothing more than goods waiting to be bought and used minimises the wonderful force of what we wear.

We also run into hazardous conditions when we consider fashion as an activity reserved for the elite, with arbitrary value beyond what we can reasonably comprehend attached. When we speak about style as something that comes from money or prevalence, we miss the point of dressing altogether.

A huge part of sustainability is simply making do with what you have. Style is not guaranteed with each opening of the wallet, and wearing pieces multiple times is an exercise in ethical astuteness.

The act of adorning oneself in metals and stones is particularly sentimental, and we revere jewellery as a subtle angle of our lifelong personalities. To take this perception and apply it to all areas of life would change the way we consume.

When we talk about style as a revolving door, we view fashion is disposable. When we view the idea of dressing as collecting memories over materials, style reverts back to a fine balance between functionality and decoration.

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