Sterling Silver Rings

The Story of the
Merchant and the Sun.

about us.

Founded on the beaches of Indonesia and Byron Bay, Merchants of the Sun are makers of unique, handcrafted pieces for the modern wanderer.

As a jewellery label, everything we take from this earth, we cannot give back. Merchants acknowledges the need for environmental stewardship, which is why we confront and challenge fast-fashion production, to ensure the well-being and quality of life for present and future generations.


our mission.

Merchants of the Sun elevates itself as a social enterprise - a brand our community can trust to champion society's most significant matters.

Blinded in an instantaneous era of clicks and buzzes, we quickly lose sight of what's right in front of us. We continue to progressively advocate for grassroots and global challenges while actively becoming educated on our impact and how we can take action.


our vision.

Empowering the future of a circular world by consciously creating accessories for passionate people.

As a company, we are committed to encouraging creative and curious individuals who share our passion for building an equal-for-all world - creating liveable futures in a circular economy.


we are more than a label,

we are a movement.

The golden Sun's splendour sets upon the horizon - a playful spirit losing itself amongst the trees, bathing in the ocean's kindness, crafting shadows to remind the world there is light.

Voyaging Coast-to-Coast, under the Sun's guidance, the Merchant is a hero of the adventure; in one place, he would only stay for a moment but experience a lifetime. He seeks incredible items, great and small, for empty hands wanting something to hold onto - purpose, meaning, hope.

His journeys were long and arduous, but each destination all worthwhile. The Merchant knew order to grow; he had to keep close to the Sun - when he could no longer carry the strength to continue, the Sun put him to rest, promising new beginnings upon the horizon.

There was something about the Sun that made him complete. They were kindred spirits - where there is one, the other isn't far behind - both made from the same dust, created to take care of the same planet.

The Merchant was so enlightened by the Sun; he devoted his life to empowering the world in the same way.

Upon the Merchant's travels, he came to know a most precious treasure. Shared and understood by the world, with no two meaning the same - jewellery had a way of speaking to the soul.

His admiration surpassed the silver's bright and shining features; the Merchant became enamoured by the jewellery's ability to tell stories to symbolise sentiment and style self-expression.The effortless beauty and complexity within each piece reminded him of the Sun – bold and all-consuming, an unforgettable encounter.

Inspired by the Merchant and the Sun's story, we brought to life Merchants of the Sun - timeless jewellery that inspires the world to mindfully consume and consciously create.