Care for your jewellery.


Here at Merchants of the Sun, we are committed to handcrafting high quality pieces made for the socially conscious, fashion-forward individual.

Look after your Merchants pieces and they will look after you. Find comfort in the fact that all items are waterproof, sweat-proof and ocean-proof, provided you handle them gently.

Our pieces are considered demi-fine jewellery, meaning they need a little bit of extra TLC. We use high-grade 925 sterling silver and 3.5 micron gold vermeil, both of which are soft, ductile and malleable metals. 

There is often a sentimental reason behind each purchase, and we prioritise longevity accordingly. Use care when going about your day-to-day and follow the below advice to ensure your piece lasts lifetimes.

How do I prevent my rings from bending?

Although rugged and raw in appearance, our pieces require care. Consistent wear may show over time, however undue pressure or friction can cause tangible damage to the surface or shape of your rings.

The easiest way to prevent a ring from becoming warped or distorted is to take it off your hands before undertaking any intense work or activity. Ensure you store your jewellery in a safe place when not wearing it, rather than throwing it in the bottom of your training bag or bag pocket (as tempting as that may be).

Holding too much weight or even hitting your hands against blunt objects will deform the ring. Other activities which can impact the shape of your rings include:

  • using hammers and handheld tools
  • lifting heavy weights
  • drumming your hands on objects (tables, benchtops, car dashboards etc.)
  • bartending and hitting your hands on cocktail shakers
  • dropping your ring from above head height
  • cycling and gripping moving objects
  • bare knuckle boxing/fighting
  • excessive fist bumps (try to control yourself, you know).

NOTE: This list is based on actual customer use cases.

If your ring has bent out of shape and cannot be worn, reach out to us via and we can work towards a solution.

Can I go swimming with my jewellery?

Absolutely! We encourage any number of salty dips in your Merchants pieces as the saltwater does not affect the metal quality.

Feel free to wear your jewellery in the ocean, shower or pool, knowing it will not tarnish.

Keep it mind that temperature can change the size of your hands, so keep an eye on your rings during the colder months so you don't lose them in the surf.

How do I care for my stone pieces?

The addition of a stone to a simple jewellery piece can all for extra care. The two most common reasons for a stone to fall out of a piece is because the setting has deformed from wear, or the epoxy glue holding it in place has melted from being exposed to extreme heat. 

We recommend taking your stone pieces off while showing, washing your hands or using heat dryers. Please do not get your stone resized as it may crack or distort the setting.

If you need a smaller/large stone ring, please contact and we will be more than happy to assist.

How do I stop my jewellery from oxidising?

If your pieces are unworn for long periods of time, you may notice discolouration and dull tinting across the surface.

As simple as it might sound, wearing your jewellery will keep your piece from oxidising over time, thanks to the natural oils in your skin which actually prevent tarnishing. 

To ensure your pieces stand the test of time, store all jewellery in an airtight bag or container and away from direct sunlight while not in use. Prolonged exposure to air pollutants will cause the gold vermeil and sterling silver to oxidise, distorting the colour and texture of your jewellery. 

We also advise avoiding any harsh cleaning chemicals while wearing jewellery, and be mindful of certain perfumes and skin products which can impact the metal and encourage oxidisation.

If your purchase oxidises in transit, contact ASAP and we will fix you up with an exchange or refund.

How do I clean my jewellery if it tarnishes or oxidises?

Each product you purchase from Merchants will come with a complimentary polish cloth, made from soft cotton infused with polishing elements to restore the shine and reduce discolouration of your pieces.

Whether you're wearing them daily or not, we recommend cleaning your pieces with our specialised cloth to breathe some life back into the surface of the metal. Be gentle and remain mindful of how rough you are, as pressure can warp the shape or appearance of your jewellery.

If you've misplaced your polish cloth, pop in to our Miami studio or flick us over an email via and we will happily replace it, free of charge.

How do I prevent my cuff from snapping/breaking?

Ensure you only adjust your cuff ONCE when you first receive it, and avoid constantly changing the size/shape once you have the correct fit. You shouldn’t need to adjust your cuff every time you are putting it on or removing it for the day. 

Carefully protect with an airtight container and lay your cuff on a flat surface when not in use.

The long and short of it:

- Stay away from harsh chemicals
- Avoid contact with hot water
- Stay off the tools
- Be mindful when training
- Put your jewellery on last

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