Meet the beautiful and amazing Gold Coast couple behind the quaint space Vegepatch Studios - Jordan Galinie and Molly Bowes. 

The shared vision between the duo is a rarity with its welcoming energy, homely vibe, and unique aesthetic. A place to find a moment of peace in this chaotic time, a friendly chat with your neighbourhood legend and a cuddle with Bob (their Labrador pup). 

Jordy and Molly have created a quirky space filled with: specialty coffee, vintage graphics, homemade apparel such as; t-shirts, caps, crochet bags, and antique homewares.  

It hasn't been easy for the duo already this year; they've battled the c-word, unexpected shutdowns and government regulations; however, these two cuties kept their head high with their thirst for life, and without all the woes it wouldn't have brought them to their latest venture - Recycled By Veg! 

Through the bullshit, they've created something truly special, an incredible community and a gathering of palm beach's best-looking dogs.