Culture Series Vol VI: Lazarus Lab

Technology and art are forever intertwined, evolving together and inviting creatives to hone their craft in countless ways. It’s at this special intersection where you’ll find
Lazarus Lab.
Based in Currumbin, ‘Laz’ is a local brand envisioning the world through analogue means. The lab is headed by Morgan and Blake, two legends who, like most of us, have been romanced by the nature of film. We set out to learn why the team was drawn to film photography and what their day-to-days look like.
Despite being an age-old technology, film photography maintains a sense of allure that can’t be captured by other media. To interact with film is to engage in a method of immortalising moments, requiring care and due artistic process. The Laz team’s expertise and tricks of the trade oversee all projects, as they merge art and storytelling on the regular.
As for what drives the pair, people are their greatest source of inspiration.
Blake: Lots of things inspire me - the one thing I’ve found lately above all are the people around me - having many cool friends, doing cool art, running cool businesses, it’s really motivating and inspiring having them in my circle to push me in the right direction.
Morgan: I feel like in this industry we’re around so many amazing photographers, and our customers are also amazing. We get so hyped when we see them creating crazy photos… That’s obviously really inspiring, especially when it’s someone that is underground, they’re not a “photographer” and they’ve just taken this psycho photo.
The love for their work is second to none, ultimately reflecting our own ethos of Make Few, Design Well.
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