As we write this, the infamous Coco Loberg is over in Los Angeles making her mark and adding to her already impressive repertoire - tattooing powerhouses Bella Thorne, Fady Hanna while on home soil, you’ll see musician Cody Simpson donning her delicately fine tattoo art. 

Her reputation precedes her. 

Coco Loberg has been tattooing for just shy of six years and her aesthetically pleasing and insanely fine-line tattoo art has built a cult following. Her work is real, her words are genuine and she brings the most simpliciest treasures to life.  

Growing up, Coco spent a lot of time in the states, and travelled the globe with her family which she acclimates a lot of her inspo. She feels grateful she’s been able to travel the globe, rubbing paths with city slickers in London, dabbling with greetings in LA, enjoying beachside with people in Aus, Indonesia and even India - at such a young age, she’s done it all. 

However for the past two years (mostly due to covid) she's been hauled up, living between Kingscliff and Palm Beach - tattooing out of Absolute Tattoo Studio, which has been owned by her family for over twenty years. 

The studio is a masterpiece and a testament to this incredibly talented family. The studio, decorated by Coco’s Mum is filled with incredible art pieces, sculptures, vintage furniture and more that she has specifically hand picked to make the space a second home.

Being shore bound has been a blessing in disguise as this time has allowed Coco to reconnect and rediscover what she wants to do as an artist and where she wants to go next. 

Coco Loberg’s skill is unwavering and unmatched. She is creative in all its forms, finding love in poetry, music, art and even how she pours her drinks; a self made mixologist. It was only logically that after already mastering so many talents, she moved into the realm of fashion. 

Enter the room, ‘Feeling Lucky, Merchants x Coco'

This collection has been months and months of planning and was something that Coco has always dreamed about doing. The point of it - Well, this collection is about harnessing independence and uniqueness - adhering to the creative free thinker that just needs a little luck sometimes. 

“When I designed this collection, I envisioned twirling the necklace or twisting the ring around my finger and getting that confidence and sensation of feeling lucky. As if these pieces could be a lucky totem. I think everyone should have that feeling and everyone needs a little luck sometimes...” 

To celebrate the launch of the collection join us at The House of Merchants, Friday the 13th of May.

6.00pm - 9.30pm

Shop the collection, see Coco's latest art series, and learn a little more about her eclectic lifestyle in the next episode of The Culture Series. 

Sponsored by Young Henrys and Jameson. 

Although this is a free event, tickets are limited so make sure you register here.

18 + Only

We can't wait to see you al!