We are avoiding Black Friday for the third consecutive year, and pledging all Cyber Monday profits to charity.
This year we have decided to donate all our profits to Cold Nips. A community focused non-profit organisation run by long-term supporters of the brand, Jian and Ryan. Their mission is simple; TO PROMOTE WELLBEING, UNDERSTANDING AND POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH AMONG PEOPLE, SO THAT THEY MAY LIVE A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER AND FULLER LIFE, and we're all about it. 
Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday sales season, characterised by astronomical levels of retail and even 100% discounts.
This past weekend has been nothing short of frenzied, with every inbox check, feed scroll and ad break pleading with us to engage in the busiest sales event of the year. Rather than worshipping at the cathedral of consumerism, we are refusing to participate in the name of sustainability.
Over time, Black Friday has morphed into a beast of consumption, one that cares only for profit. This is exactly why we shut down on Friday, and are donating all profits today.
It’s not fair to our planet to demand more of its resources to satiate our hunger for newness. It’s not fair of our community to decry unsustainable practice and then engage in a day that only promotes overconsumption. It’s not fair to host an annual day that endorses excess, waste and endless unethical production.
As the sale season ramps up, we encourage you to resist the flashy deals and discount temptations and continue to shop mindfully. Before falling into the web of dollar signs and percentages, question whether you truly need to make a purchase. Less is more when it comes to the environment and the people we share it with.