We attached significance to jewellery in a way unlike most other possessions.
A simple pendant can become a signifier of a different time, pendants can hold a precious memory, and a ring can wrap your personality around any look.
Our favourite jewellery pieces accompany moments big and small, watching the experiences we forget and immortalising the ones we don’t. Over time, we tend to put on pieces which we never seem to remove.
The need to find wearable yet complementary jewellery formed the crux of the Merchants’ product mission. Each item is made to live with you, reconciling function with meticulous design and remaining versatile enough for you to imprint your own influence and story in the metal. This all harks back to our work towards sustainability, providing you with durable, recycled sterling silver and high quality 3.5 micron gold plating to stand the test of time.
That said, finding THE piece for you takes time, trial and error - such a process can be testing, requiring patience from the wearer to explore what works best for them.
You may find you prefer the tactile sensation of a ring or the subtle statement of a neckpiece. What we enjoy and what we wear boils down to a series of personal preferences and coinciding choices. Arriving at such a decision should feel natural, where a piece just begins to seamlessly integrate with your day-to-day.
On that note, your piece should complement your lifestyle. For the surfer, find a pendant to carry you across the water’s surface. For the writer, cuffs may falter your typing but a ring stack glints perfectly in the light as your fingers fly. For the wanderer, there may be no limit as to what you can wear and make your own.
Once you have found a piece that feels like an extension of you, wear it around, get a real feel for it and don’t stop there. Try stacking your rings, layering your pendants, and coordinating your metals. Build an outfit around your best piece and make it your failsafe. The jewellery box is your oyster and the endless opportunity is yours for the taking.
We spoke to Matt, the Merchant himself, to get an idea of his selection process.
Q: Which pieces do you wear daily and why?
M: At the moment I am rotating a mix of gold and silver stacking rings and bands.
On my left hand I have a mr modest gold pair on my pointer finger, and a limited edition piece (a simple band ring) that I made for myself on my ring finger stacked with a silver dusk.
On my right hand I swap between the gold godfather on my index finger or the silver circadian and the gold envy is pretty much a staple on my pinky.
The two pieces I pretty much never take off - shower, surf and sleep in - is the silver dusk chain on my wrist and the gold switch pendant. If I'm going out I will usually dress up my dusk chain with the sungazer cuff.
Q: What do you look for when finding those everyday, every life wearables?
M: For the past couple months I have been heavily gravitated towards more simple band/stacking pieces and pairing them together to create good combos. Pretty much the only signet/statement piece I wear at the moment is the godfather in gold.
Q: Do you remember your first experience with wearing jewellery?
M: Damn, first 'jewellery' piece I ever wore was probably a bracelet I bought from Seminyak when I was 12 years old. My first real memory of wearing rings though was when my friend in Bali made me a couple of the most beautiful silver pieces when I was about 16, and after that you could say I was obsessed.
Q: What advice would you give to someone trying to find THE piece for them?
M: Start simple and build your collection up. There's so many different ways you can style/wear jewellery and everyone has different tastes.
For life’s sake, find THE piece and wear it daily.
Merchants pieces are handcrafted, fine jewellery, made to retain and share your stories of life. Visit our Care Guide to give your jewellery the deserve standard of care.