5 Times We Died & Went to Heaven

More and more, we're seeing fashion recycled—the old style with a new enlightened twist. The other day, we were in the office discussing where we thought fashion would go next, and the question arose - What are the most legendary jewellery moments in cinema history?

Why you ask? Well you can't appreciate the future of jewellery without considering from which it came - and according to this years reports 80/90's is back baby! 

We started to reflect on the old classic's so, of course, who came to mind: Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger, Samuel L Jackson & more.

Read five moments we've unpacked that are painstakingly fantastic and will be recreated for todays fashion realm. 

#1 - REPO MEN (1984) 

Emilio, Emilio, Emilio Estevez. You may know him from Mighty Ducks, The Breakfast Club, or maybe from The Outsiders. In this instance, we refer to the iconic 1984 cult classic flick 'Repo Men' and the unforgettable moment his character 'Otto' made wearing an obnoxiously dangly earring a vibe. 

Although the storyline lacked substance, the giant cross earring that he adorned did not. This little punk rocker looked bad to the bone. 


Samuel L Jackson - Can the man do no wrong? There's talk among the fashion experts that the bold and the beautiful is set to return. We don't mean the show. We are talking about the revival of big ass chunky gold jewellery reminiscent of the '80s and '90s luxe. 

1 - How incredible is the pinky ring? 

2 - Name another, any other person that could pull off this giant bracelet? None. Because they don't exist. 

It's a mood. 

We must also give honourable mention to the king - Johnny Boy for repping the gold stud. 


The 1993 angsty teen classic, Dazed and Confused was released to Gen Z' and they absolutely loved it. A coming of age story that catapulted Matthew McConaughey career and repertoire and made everyone who watched it want to smoke Mary-j.

Every teen flick that involves partying, needs to have a heartthrob - enter the room Randall 'Pink' Floyd played by Jason London, and his puka shell necklace, an unlikely piece that's been reinvented today.  


One of the best films to come out of the '90s, and if you haven't seen it yet - to be honest, that's unsettling. Sitting down for the 120 minutes of Fight Club is an evocative experience that ignites the inner anarchically version of yourself that's just dying to be released. A battle of the mind, body and soul. Brad Pitt, who plays Tyler Durden, steals the slate with his outrageous outfits and explosive charisma however there's one moment for us worth remembering. The giant blue/aqua stone ring that sits pretty on his pinky. Reminiscent of our Poseidon's Mistress. 


Teeth and all, Heath Ledger in Lords of Dogtown was unforgettable and what was even more extraordinary was his attire, particularly his beaded multi-layered necklace. The main necklace of the eclectic pile is similarly a Tibetan Mala used in spiritual jewellery by Buddhist and Hindu traditions for centuries. The only man who can pull this off! 


So what are your favourite moments?