– Thoughts by the founder, Matthew Banks.



Love, four letters, one syllable - adopted by the heart and carried through compassion - love is the warmth in the rain, the stillness in a storm...and every heavy rumble of thunder that follows. Love is where tenderness freely provides, and feelings of darkness seldom hide.


Over the years, I have found that love is not always flowers.


Sometimes, the days are full of earthquakes - unpredictable, and often scary, but when the hard part is over, you realise how lucky you are, indeed. Lucky to be in love, and to be loved back. Lucky for the world in front of your eyes, and the people standing by your side. Lucky to have faced the ugliest of storms that you have ever seen and to have come out the other side. On the days that grey clouds hide the light from your path, rendering your journey unclear, know that a flower will live its life unbothered about its soiled petals, piercing thorns and crooked stem. Instead, the flower relishes in the sunshine, appreciating everything that it is, and everything that it will be - knowing that it has been placed with purpose, laid in love. 


And maybe the storms are still there, tumultuous one day and silent the next - but here we are today, making it through, together.


This Valentines Day we introduce 'Garden of Flowers' in collaboration with Sam Corlett.


Kissed by the wilderness – this collection is a celebration of growth. Wildly whimsical and adored by the sun, these silver statements are symbols of progress, positivity, and peace - reminding you and fellow loved ones to water the flowers in your garden.


Championing love, loss and everything in between, Merchants of the Sun is committed to recognising the value in kindness and connection not only February 14th but every day. This Valentines Day, Merchants and Sam Corlett will be donating all profits received from our 'Always Flowers' Collection to Mindfull Aus - a non-for-profit organisation galvanising individuals in high-risk areas to place wellness back into their own hands.


Despite the chaos amidst the garden, the flower teaches us to create a beautiful world, we must first grow inside wherever life takes us.


Wear your story, share your story with the Daisy Collection - coming February 14th.


Join the discussion in our Instagram LIVE with Mindfull Aus and Sam Corlett this Friday at 10:30 AEDT as we talk about cultivating wellness during troublesome times, as well as a sneak peek of the new collection.


Garden of flowers: part 2 of this blog series, 'thoughts by Sam Corlett', coming Feb 13th.