Love is; a kiss on the forehead, a phone call from your best friend when you need it most, the sweet, musty smell of the pages from your favourite book, a coffee in bed.

Love is; your favourite song on the radio, seeing the sunset, a walk in the park, meditation on the beach, a beer at the pub.

- love is a revolution, love is universal!

SO what does love mean to you?

Celebrate love in all its grandeur this year with our new bundles. Whether it's for her, for him, or yourself - you deserve to feel adored and spoilt this v-day. 

To make things easier for all your lovers out there, we've put together three curated looks that are made to be desired. 

1.Dusk Ring Combo

With its minimalist and elegant design, the Dusk in gold and silver is the perfect  pairing as it's simple, but unique - The perfect combo for you and your lover!

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2.The Lovers Combo

The Lovers Pendants, for the couples that want to showcase their love for one another with understanding and gratitude. Select which side to lay upon your chest and symbolise the culmination of two in perfect union - as one cannot survive without the other.

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3.Golden Sun Combo

Sunwalker in silver and The Modest in gold for the couples that are unique in their choices and harness their individuality. A force to be reckoned with. 

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4.Dusk Chain Combo

A combination curated for the simple, yet stylish couple. The Dusk Chain Combo features the silver necklace and silver bracelet and is a reminder that, like the moon, we are still whole in all of life's phases.

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