To celebrate love in all its grandeur this Valentines, we are giving away two Dusk Rings on our Instagram. 



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Dawn comes, and the Sun sows itself into the day; beneath the light is a man who could not tell a dandelion from a star or a star from her eyes. For the first time in his life, the Merchant was without direction, and no map or compass could come close to navigating what was happening in his chest. 

A tremble,

A murmur,

A drumming,

An infinite warmth.

The enormity of his desire could not be contained; the Merchant was a child of the Sun - "say the word, and I will burn forever."

Where did it all begin? Where would love go when he had shown it?

Slipping into the gaps, between the walls and floorboards, finding itself in all the places he could not touch - the Merchant found light in every crack and ruin, "this, this is how the love gets in."

It wasn't always beautiful, but it was theirs, and that was all that mattered. 

Love had no plan; love could not be held onto, love could not be won, begged for, bartered or borrowed - love had no guarantee.

Love was a flash, a tear in the sharpness of living that brought the Merchant into the softness of being human. Love amplified the untouchable and gave meaning to the indescribable -  where the sudden too-little could be transformed into the terrifying too-much. Love dissolved the sky, and every unknown seemed familiar; no matter what it was, everything came back to love. 

In pursuit of the heart's pleasure, the mind takes a backseat. The human brain weighs as much as six human hearts, but sometimes, the heart bears so much there might as well be no brain at all. 

Love's direction stirs the whims of warmth, freezing moments in time, igniting the light of desire. When love arrived, the Merchant didn't think twice; it was a journey to the indefinite, and only the brave would see the sweetest return.

A voyager of the universe, a hero of the adventure, in one place he would only stay for a moment, but in love, the Merchant had come home. And what could be more beautiful than to love someplace that loves you back?

But where would it all go when he was gone? 

When the Sun falls for the last time, where would it set?

When the Merchant leaves, he will leave everything behind, and how unaware he was that love would be the only currency he needed.

In the end, it is the love we make that we take with us.