Sydney siders, The Rions  have been busy during the lockdown. They've just announced the release of their latest single, Dissociationa run of summer festivals such as NYE On The Hill, Yours & Owls, Play On The Plains, and they'll be making their way to Sunny QLD for Spaced Out Festival! 

From their origins at a school talent quest to amassing over 490,000 streams on Spotify, these boys are dedicated, busy, but still super humble, and we're stoked they're part of the Merchants Family. 

The boys took the time to answer a few Q's on, staying humble, working hard and life on the Northern Beaches.

Check it out below!

The Rions Band

What was growing up in the Northern Beaches like?

Growing up in the Northern Beaches is nothing short of a blessing. Living so close to everything we need has definitely played a part in our ability to achieve the things we have.


Starting at a very young age in high school did you always want to play music? 

Noah had started playing music around the age of 3 and his family had made a small dent in the music scene. Asher was introduced to guitar through a guitar ensemble he joined late into primary school. Tom had joined the school band in primary school and that’s where he got introduced to the drums. Harley had gone to Noah’s house in late primary school to learn piano from Noah’s Mum and that’s where he really got introduced to music 

What advice would you give to other young people wanting to start a band?

A. Any publicity is good publicity, as long as you know people who know people you will always find some opportunity that can get you to where you want to be, as long as you work hard and really want it, you can always achieve your dreams 

This year you took out unearthed high, what was that feeling like and what did that mean to you as a band?

 The day we won the unearthed competition was one of the craziest days ever. All of us were so overwhelmed we didn’t really know how to react. It was crazy seeing all of our favourite musicians on the zoom as well. Winning the comp meant so much to us and I think it was our biggest achievement so far and has done so much for us in the last few months.

Have you been working closely with Lime Cordiale yet? If so, what’s it been like?

Yep we have been in close contact with lime recently, especially after the unearthed high comp. We organised a T- shirt swap with them for the Aus music shirt day. We haven’t had a chance to  work with them yet but we have plans to do so in the near future. They are awesome blokes.

In your bio it says that you want to change the world with your music? How so?
We want our music to have impact on people, whether it be happiness, sadness or anger because they’re sick of the song. Having an emotional impact on people around the world is something important to us, especially if we’re able to inspire others to pick up an instrument or chase their dream. Even on a small scale, making a difference in peoples lives is changing the world in our eyes.

For us and our brand it’s important to support people that align with our values and morals. You guys seem to be extremely hard working and for such a young age that's a trait that's worth holding onto. With everything moving so fast for you guys, what do you do to stay grounded?

Finding people that keep you grounded is really important whether It be family or friends as long as you are able to stay humble and count your blessings, staying grounded comes down to sustaining a normal teenage life as much as you can. 

You've just released a new track Disassociation, tell us a bit about the track?

A: The song is about the effects that disassociation has had on someone dear to our hearts, and how it changed the way they view their life. We wrote it in an acoustic, story-telling style revealing more about the song through the lyrics the same way the character learnt more about disassociation, understanding more about what they were feeling. We wanted to achieve the feeling of an allusive journey that is moving at its own pace with a humble sense of importance through the recording. We worked with the amazing Callum Howell (Producer/Mixer) who really helped bring the song to life.


 What’s a stage, or festival that you’re dying to play?

I think a sick festival to play at would be splendour it seems like such an awesome vibe and there are always so many amazing acts who play there 

If you could play with anyone or any band in the world, who would it be?

Playing with our local inspiration Lime Cordiale has been on the bucket list for a while, but if we’re talking international I know we would love to play with people like Dayglow, Medium Build and if we could time travel, The Beatles.

If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?

I think Noah would go into the fashion industry, Harley would stay in the music industry most likely doing sound engineering, I think tom would probably just be a tradie and Asher would most likely be in I.T 

Let's get to know you guys a bit more as individuals. What is your favourite Album/Song?
My (Harley's) favourite Album at the moment would have to be Wild by Medium Build and my favourite song would be Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand.

Yes excellent choices! Ok, Favourite Meal? 

My personal favourite meal (Noah) is a chicken katsu udon bowl

Delicious, Favourite Movie? Favourite TV show?
One our all time favourites is definitely Star Wars (Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi in particular) and for TV shows It’d have to be The Mandolorian.

Ahh, love the Mandolorian! We binge watched that in a night! Now the next question can tell a lot about a person and especially how you guys work together as a band. 
What are your star signs? 
Noah and Asher are Sagittarius 
Tom is a Pisces
Harley is an Aries

Lastly, What Merchants drip are you repping?

Noah is currently wearing, Mr Modest, The Switch, The Liminal Chain

Asher is wearing the Gold Blank, The Switch Pendant, Dusk Ring.

Tom is wearing, Sunwalker, Dusk Bracelet, The Liminal Ring and Harvey is wearing the Circadian, The Envy, The Lovers.

THE RIONS, will be playing Spaced Out Festival on The Gold Coast, January 2nd. 

We're stoked to welcome The Rions to the mix!

Photographs by - Halee Smith.