Hypebeast has collaborated with Merchants of the Sun to offer an exclusive feature that highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. In an interview with Hypebeast, Matthew Banks, our founder, talks about how the brand was born from his passion for creating exquisite jewellery inspired by nature and his concern for environmental conservation.

Our founder Matt Banks, tells the story of how he started creating jewellery and how he infused his creative process with motifs inspired by nature. What sets Merchants of the Sun apart is its dedication to sustainability. Hypebeast investigates our use of recycled sterling silver and 18k vermeil gold to create timeless pieces that are designed to last. Merchants of the Sun is committed to every aspect of eco-consciousness and has pioneered innovative packaging solutions like the SugarFlex pouch - a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic cases. You can read the exclusive feature on Hypebeast’s website: