***UPDATE: We raised a huge $3143.52 and cannot thank you all enough for getting around the cause! 
By now, you know that we went dark on Black Friday, objecting to the damaging delirium of the sales season. To extend our campaign, we are donating all profits from Monday to Cold Nips, the organisation shaking up our approach to mental wellbeing.
Founded by long-time Merchants supporters Ryan Linton and Jian Wong Yen, Cold Nips has set out to harness human connection through nature, discomfort, meaning and joy. Through sunrise dips across Australia, they've built a community of legends, facilitating conversation and restorative positivity amongst those who want to get nippy. 
Mental health is frequently overlooked by fashion, despite unethical brands harming collective wellbeing on a global scale. The purpose of today’s pledge is to help offset the damage caused by our industry, especially over the past weekend. 
Make your purchase count and break tradition, not the planet.