Finding the perfect ring size is hardly the most difficult feat we’ll ever encounter, but it’s definitely up there.

A correctly-sized ring will endure your daily adventures without sitting uncomfortably or being subjected to undue damage and distortion. It’s a priceless endeavour, yet one we often put in the too hard basket.

Don’t settle for close enough; let us demystify the process for you with our nifty ring sizers.

Photo of Hand Wearing Rings

Whether you’re a craftsman or a chef, an educator or a labourer, we use our hands more than any other body part. Active fingers can change size over time, due to natural swelling throughout the day, temperature changes, and other climate factors. Don’t compromise decorated fingers by relying on poorly-sized jewellery. 

Merchants of the Sun Ring Sizer

Follow the below steps to ascertain your size in less than 30 seconds, and rest assured your next Merchants delivery is fit for your digits.

Step 1 - Remove the free ring sizer from your parcel and ensure the numbers are facing towards you.

Ring Sizer In A Loop

Step 2 - Shape the ring in a loop, placing the end through the buckle. It is very similar to securing a zip tie, however the ring size won’t lock around your finger.

Putting Ring Sizer On Finger

Step 3 - Slide the sizer onto the finger you plan on wearing rings. Slide the buckle until it feels comfortable, and give your finger a wiggle to test run the size.

Drawing Of Ring Sizer Over Knuckle

Step 4 - Check that you can still slide the chosen size over your knuckles.

Drawing of Ring Sizer in a loop

Step 5 - Make a note of the number on the inside of the buckle - the diagram shows a size 9.25.

Repeat this process on whichever fingers are lucky enough to receive a Merchants adornment. Bear in mind that your dominant hand is likely larger than your other hand, which can affect your ideal size. Our fingers can swell and shrink throughout the day, so we suggest measuring at different times to find the most accurate size for you.

If you fall between sizes, we recommend sizing up - your rings will be more comfortable if they are a fraction too large rather than too small.

Once you’ve discovered your size, head on over to our ring collection and browse your favourite designs.

Your ring sizer is completely reusable and will work on friends and family as well. If you no longer need our favourite little tool, feel free to drop it back to our Miami store and we will recycle it for you.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your Merchants rings, so don’t fret - we still have a 30-day returns policy if your ring doesn’t feel quite right.

Feel free to reach out with any questions via and we’ll sort you out!