How to use your Merchants Ring Sizer.


A lot of the time when we buy rings, we all find times when we settle for something that is “close enough”. 

Photo of Hand Wearing Rings

In most cases, we get the wrong size and it either slips off, or becomes squashed and mis-shaped on your finger. Far too many people use this principle for buying their rings. The problem is that our fingers don’t remain at a constant size, even on a day to day basis. Temperature, weight gain or loss, age, all make a huge difference in how a ring will fit.


By having a correctly sized ring, you can prevent all sorts of potential problems at a later time. 

 Merchants of the Sun Ring Sizer

*Enter the room, Merchants of the Sun FREE Ring Sizer.*

This is no ordinary run of the mill ring size, no! 

We guarantee accuracy if you follow the exact steps below:

Step 1 - Remove the free ring sizer and make sure the numbers are facing towards you.

Ring Sizer In A Loop

Step 2  -  Put the end of the ring sizer through the “buckle” and gently slide to make a loop. Don’t worry the ring sizer doesn’t lock.

Putting Ring Sizer On Finger

Step 3  - Place it on the finger you want to measure and slide until it feels comfortable. 

Drawing Of Ring Sizer Over Knuckle

Step 4 - Make sure you can pull the ring size back over your knuckle easily. Ensure you also pick the correct finger on the correct hand. The fingers on our dominant hand are often larger than on the non-dominant hand

Drawing of Ring Sizer in a loop

Step 5 -  The measured ring size to use is the one on the inside of the buckle of the ring sizer (size 9.25 show in drawing).

If you end up landing between to of our sizes, go for the larger size. It is better that a ring is a fraction too big, than too small.

The entire process takes no more than 30 seconds, and the ring sizer belt is fully reusable. 

Once you’ve discovered your size, it’s time to shop Merchants fam! 

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your Merchants rings, so don’t fret - we still have a 30-DAY RETURNS policy in the off chance you manage to order the wrong size.* See our returns policy for more info.

If you have any more questions about your ring size, feel free to drop us a line at

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