Ring Sizers

If you’re like me you remember the days of going to Blockbuster and picking up a physical movie - giddy with excitement to get home, a full occasion just to watch a movie. We’ve been spoiled for choice with ease of access. Both physical and digital have their pros and cons but at the end of the day when it comes to finding the perfect ring size, accuracy is crucial and there’s nothing more accurate than the real thing. While printable ring sizers might seem like a convenient at-home solution, they often fall short in delivering the precision and reliability you need. That’s where our ring sizer comes in.


Printable ring sizers offer the convenience of being able to size your ring at home with just a printer and a pair of scissors. They are a quick fix and can be useful in a pinch. However, this process can leave a large margin of error due to factors like printer settings, paper quality, cutting precision and measuring mistakes. Also think about how difficult it can be to put a bracelet on by yourself, now try doing that same process on your finger with a thin strip of flimsy paper. Merchants’ ring sizer is a professionally crafted tool designed to provide exact measurements. Made from durable materials and calibrated for precision, our ring sizer ensures you get the perfect fit every time, removing any guesswork from the process.


Printable ring sizers are handy and accessible, allowing you to size your ring without waiting for any tools to arrive. They often come with multiple sizes printed on a single sheet, which can be a bit of a puzzle to cut and compare, especially if resizing multiple times is necessary. On the flip side, our ring sizer offers a user-friendly and straightforward experience. With clear markings and an ergonomic design, it simplifies the sizing process, making it quick and easy. You can enjoy the best of both worlds—convenience and precision—without the need for trial and error.


While paper ring sizers can serve their purpose, they aren’t built for repeated use. They can easily tear, crumple, or lose their shape, leading to unreliable measurements over time. The Merchants’ ring sizers are designed to withstand regular use so that you can use them every time you want to order another ring and ensure consistent accuracy.




Using a professional tool like our ring sizer adds a level of confidence and assurance that a printable ring sizer simply cannot match. Jewellers and professionals rely on precise tools for a reason: they deliver consistent, reliable results. By choosing our ring sizer, you’re opting for a professional-grade tool that ensures your ring fits perfectly, enhancing both comfort and appearance.


Ask your mates - how many people do you know who actually have a printer? Our ring sizer offers a one-time solution with guaranteed accuracy. Simply order, use, and achieve the perfect fit without the hassle of trial and error.

While printable ring sizers may offer a quick and seemingly easy solution, they lack the precision, ease of use, and reliability of a professionally designed tool. Our ring sizer is built to provide accurate, hassle-free measurements every time, ensuring your ring fits perfectly. Don’t leave something as important as ring sizing to chance. Trust our ring sizer for a flawless fit and a comfortable, beautiful ring.

For more detailed instructions on how to use our ring sizer, check out our blog post here. We provide step-by-step guidance to ensure you get the most accurate measurement possible. Discover tips, tricks, and common pitfalls to avoid, all aimed at helping you