Introducing the third instalment of Sam Corlett x Merchants of the Sun. It’s no secret that we love working with Sam Corlett, whose inclination for artistry and shared humanity is just beyond.

Harking back to a collaboration we did in the early days of business, this collection represents the value of collaboration, and the promise of compassion.

Launching 9am Thursday 27th.

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"I played a role recently in an indie film I shot here in Australia.
A young man struggling with addiction and his relationship with family.

The exploration dropped me into, what felt like, the most sincere connection I’d ever experienced to my late uncle.

A man described as the bright light of the family but unfortunately, his struggles with alcohol took him for a ride. From a deep love of poetry, music, and studying law, to showering in public fountains and living on the streets throughout Sydney.

He passed when I was 18.

He wasn’t physically in my life very much, but since his passing he has served as some what of a guide from the other side.
I designed these pieces for him.

To serve as a reminder of the light that exists within all of us.
That like that seems to unite us.

Continuing the theme of my first collaboration with Merchants of the Sun, “La Famiglia Sempre”, the 3 lines on the ring symbolise those words.
The sun on the pendant, a reminder of the light.

Profits from these pieces will be going to Streetsmart (We’re aiming for 10k+), an org who does beautiful work on a grassroots level to help folks without a home.

May we continue to see each other in our wholeness.

Have compassion for one another.

And shine our light."

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