Belonging in a world so quick to push you away gives noble cause to ground oneself in compassion. When it was easier to fall to the ground than look to the sky, the Daisy flower shows us that nothing is permanent; this life dances on the road to renewal - everchanging, evergreen, every day.
Flowers instils in us the complexity and diversity of beauty; possessing many colours, shapes and sizes, flowers teach us to seek the light, look towards it, move towards it, always.
No matter life's phases, or the soil you are in, you will bloom.
This Valentine's Day, we are doing something a little bit different. We want to challenge the concept of real, raw love - something that isn't 'Always Flowers' but rather confronting, challenging at times but always rewarding, always growing.
In collaboration with Sam Corlett, Merchants of the Sun introduces the 'Daisy Capsule' a collection inspired by growth from hardships, and learning through love. Together, we have brought to life two bespoke handcrafted pieces as a wearable reminder to grow what you go through.
Boasting a rigid body and industrial design, the 'See The Flowers' Ring symbolises the beauty in your battle-scars. Embodying a rock-like figure with a line-art backing, the 'Daisy Chain' necklace is your medal of honour. These recycled solid silver statements are your emblems of progress, positivity, and peace.
As we continue to set compassionate campaigns, this Collection is committed to donating 100% of the profits received from all purchases to Mindfull Aus. This not-for-profit organisation encourages Australians in high-risk regions, fields and divisions to introduce and inspire wellness back into their lives.
Instead of conforming to the outdated constructs of romance and love, buy yourself a piece from 'Always Flowers' this Valentine's Day - tending the garden of your mind and inspiring others too as well.
Every time you place one of these pieces on your finger or around your neck, may you feel kindness towards yourself, so you can be there for others. May you feel and know, you are exactly where you're meant to be - may our Daisy Collection remind you; "welcome everything, attach to nothing."
Wear your story, share your story with Merchants of the Sun by tagging us in your photos and using the hashtag #SeeTheFlowers.