Terre - An Exhibition and Book launch by Hamish Wilson




An Exhibition and Book launch by Hamish Wilson, the Merchants in house photographer, is happening this Saturday in our new space - The House of Merchants. 

The inspiration for Terre came to Hamish through his love of 35mm film photography and the natural aesthetic of the human body brought forward through the essence of human connection. Capturing on film solidifies these moments in history. 

Naming the book Terre (Earth) accompanies this ideology as his photography is natural and organic. Through his photography, Hamish immortalises and transpires his art form by appreciating the vulnerability of a moment.  

Join us for an intimate evening to celebrate la beauté des femmes.

Limited tickets available. 

Tickets to Hamish Wilson's Exhibition & Book Launch on the 4th Of December 2021 are available here. 

Event Details:

Located at The House Of Merchants in Mermaid Beach. 

2084 Gold Coast Highway, Miami, Queensland 4220

6pm -11pm 

With DJ's, Free Drinks

They'll be prints for sale, alongside the limited edition Terre Coffee Table Book. 

Raffle to win a 150cm x 150cm Canvas piece Sponsored by Burleigh Print.

Cant make? You can check his website out here

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