A classic and long-running debate in the fashion industry is whether or not it's kosher to mix your metals. Previously considered a faux pas, the method of mixing jewellery has emerged like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and we're still deciding if we're here for it. 

Quite a few people are set in their ways to not mixing metals, albeit a cardinal rule for many who often find it hard to see how gold and silver can complement one another. 

But what are rules good for, if for breaking?

We seem to be divided in the Merchants office with our lead honcho, Matt, expressing, 'I believe that the notion of not allowing mixed metals is an outdated opinion of a past society.' 

While I believe in, 'Pick one and stick with one.' I did the whole gold thing, and it wasn't for me, so I turned to silver at the ripe, tender impressionable age of 21 and haven't looked back. 

Our glorious operational manager, Lani, concludes, 'I think that mixing metals is fine,' which she says as she shows me her wrist, adorning a simple gold bracelet stacked with a silver. I won't lie - it looks good. 

Now the true testament - Hamish Wilson, photographer, designer, and all-around aesthetic guru, closes the argument with, 'Hell no, don't do it!' 

Let's leave it up to the pro's, with Madeline Fass from Vogue declaring, "Avoiding pairing silver jewellery with gold is a style myth. Jewellery is personal, and there are no rules about how you should wear it." 

Ok, Madeline - You win. 


For the bold and the beautiful: 

  • Keep it consistent; for example, wear the same necklace in different metals but stagger it, and the same goes for wearing rings such as The Dusk Ring, The Circadian Ring and Mr Modest. 
  • Keep it balanced; If you like bangles, wear one or two bangles of each metal you prefer, rather than multiple gold bracelets with a silver ring. 

We want to hear your opinions, don't be shy and drop us a comment below!