Thoughts by Sam Corlett.

Just as a wave always breaks exactly how its meant to,

So too does a flower grow.

So too do we grow. 


For many of us the last six months especially has been quite the journey. 

For myself I know it certainly has been. Despite objectively living the dream I’d always wished for, my heart and mind were visiting areas I never thought I would venture. It felt as though my soul was stretched to the four corners.

I knew the only way around for me was through but as i started diving in, i felt my mind began to take over the process and hold on, with white knuckled fists, to the pain. It was as if it was an addiction. And even if i felt absolutely fine, my mind would swiftly attach to new shadowy stories. Not only were negative emotions triggering, but so was feeling happy.

I had previously always felt equipped for these times, going to my journal, meditation or long walks in nature, however, this time i needed help. So to assist my mind from gravitating towards these ideas i would call my family and friends. I started speaking to a therapist and welcomed new ways of being. 

Healing is most certainly non-linear. Some days i began to feel free and other pulled even deeper into an emotional mess. Isn’t that cycle funny? That you shame yourself for feeling shame, for feeling pain.

I started putting sticky notes all throughout my apartment to remind myself to breathe through moments. These served as a way of welcoming new thoughts and beliefs and to attempt to start loving every part of myself.

“What are you Grateful for?” Or “Beautiful Memory?”

“You’re experiencing exactly what your meant to.”

“Love your Dark Thoughts to Death” - Ram Dass

”There is a higher reason.”

“Be the man the Universe created you to be.”

“Be the man your little sister sees you as.”


It took a while, but for my Self, I’m really starting to appreciate why I had to take this journey. And Universally, why we all had to take our journeys through 2020.

We needed to change.

Going forth, with love, patience and compassion, we need to allow those dying petals to fall as we grow, so we can serve with lightness.

That’s the journey home.


May our Daisy Line remind you:

Welcome Everything,

Attach to Nothing.


Every time you place one of these pieces on your finger or around your neck,

May you feel kindness towards yourself, so you can be there for others.

May you feel and know, you are exactly where you’re meant to be.


“You are a child of the universe, no less than the tree & the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should” - Desiderata