We as a species have always held an epistemic interest in the world around us. We hunger to obtain new knowledge, curiosity courses through our veins and those who had come before us strived for deeper truths; the inventions of tomorrow were pioneered in sweat and stone, inspiring the same methods we use today.

The art of lost wax casting is said to have originated by the Indus Valley Civilisation around 3500 BC. They produced one of the earliest known examples of lost wax casting, an Indian bronze figurine named the "dancing girl" dating nearly 5,000 years to the Harappan period (c. 3300–1300 BC).

Merchants of the Sun Jewellery is crafted from recycled silver using the same ancient casting process listed above to create beautifully unique jewellery that exposes a labyrinth of detail in every piece. 

The lost wax casting procedure requires a precise understanding of each step to conceive such designs and is now a method adopted by many jewellers worldwide.

Firstly, each piece starts as a hand-sketched design on Gold Coast, Australia and is then sent to our silversmiths in Bali. Next, wax is sliced from a larger block and turned into the delicate piece you see today by being carved slowly and carefully to ensure perfection - bringing the accessory into the light.


When the wax model is completed, investment plaster is poured ever so slowly, so air bubbles do not form over the model with a sprue connecting the carved piece to the base. Instead, the sprue creates a channel for the precious molten metal to flow through. Once the investment plaster is set, the flask is heated to cure.

As the heat rises and cures the plaster, the wax melts away, creating a cavity in the piece's shape.

The silver is melted till it becomes a glowing, amber pool of divine metal. Watching the dancing flame slowly take hold of the element, loosening up to join into the vibrant and flowing display of energy. The burning hot liquid is poured into the flask, filling the hollow enclosure forming the piece as the steps of the process combine into one.


The flask is submerged in the water to dissolve the plaster shell, and the solid, recycled silver piece is all that survives.

The piece is then cleaned, polished and finished with our signature oxidisation.

At Merchant's, we want our pieces to look and feel unique like they have a story to tell, and you're wearing something that will truly stand the test of time.

Keep an eye out on The Journal for tips and tricks on how to care for you're jewellery, how to style it and more and if you have any requests drop them below! 




Make few, Design Well.

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