Ziggy Alberts Jewellery Collaboration

To honour our latest collaboration, we sat down with the one and only Ziggy Alberts. 

Music and jewellery meld together seamlessly in our days, tempting the senses through eternal art. It's this bond that underpins our collection, as a tangible ode to the create light we live by.

From his craft to life on the road, tune in below to learn about Ziggy's world.

M: A huge and possibly complex start, describe your creative process to us.

Z: I guess there are two different types for me: expression and contemplation. My expressive process is in songwriting, where there is a theme or an idea or an event I want to expand upon. My contemplative process is in poetry, where I tend to sit quietly and let considerations come to me.

M: Paint a picture for us, where do you feel most motivated and inspired?

Z: I do feel most inspired on the road, touring or on an adventure; that's where there is the most colour.

M: What is your favourite theme to dissect and reconstruct in your writing?

Z: Love, every time. If I could have it my way - beyond feeling responsible to protest and raise awareness on various topics - I would just write songs in devotion to love. It's the best.

M: Describe your new album.

In short, it’s a time code for a crazy couple of years. It’s a collection of love protest songs. The title DANCING IN THE DARK largely describes endeavouring to continue towards peace and hope even in the darkest of days.

M: Speaking of that endeavour, what would a younger you think of where you stand today?

I honestly don't know. Younger me, in many ways, was smarter. I think he would tell me to just chill out a little more.

M: Moving towards the technical side of things, what is the most exciting progression in music that you’re keeping your eye on?

Z: Dolby Atmos is pretty cool. It's a way of mixing music in 3D, which is a whole new concept that hasn't been possible before... Although it's a futuristic approach, I think one of the genres that will benefit the most from it is folk music.

M: Where should we listen to your impending releases to get the most out of your art?

Z: My full-length albums, and my poetry book. My art is generally placed into a bigger theme so I think if you've got the time, that's when it will make the most sense.

M: What is your favourite recent lyric and why?

Z: "When it feels like love, it doesn't hold me down." It's from a song of mine called heartbeat, and I just came off tour screaming that with thousands of people, and it's a really special moment.


This collection marks a time of connection, possibility and anticipation - values we celebrate in everything we do at Merchants of the Sun. Collaborating with other artists is hugely important to us, and this range is our latest undertaking to bolster the creative community.

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