Jewellery wearers both emergent and seasoned understand the different relationships between each finger and their chosen adornment.
A pointer assumes a different ring to a pinky, and the knuckles of a thumb favour a different ring to that of a ring finger. It’s an art of itself to arrange a handful of jewellery in a way that does not detract from your natural dexterity, or impede on the motions of your daily adventures.
Each finger is uniquely ordered in terms of size, shape and usage. We subconsciously take each aspect of each digit into consideration when choosing our rings, yet newcomers to jewellery may need a little handholding, if you will. Continue on to read our tips for finding the right rings for the right (and left) hands.
We downright reject the idea that there are rules for wearing jewellery. Whatever takes your fancy is however you should dress, which is exactly what Merchants is here to facilitate - culture and symbolism permitting. Mix your metals, wear your favourite pieces all on one body part, and set your own pace for the art of adornment.
When building your Merchants collection, the goal is to have rings suited to different fingers, rather than expecting one size to fit across your entire hand. Thanks to movement and function, each finger is a slightly different shape to its neighbour, and can change again throughout each day. How you wear Merchants is consequently a uniquely personal experience, calling for real thought and consideration.
Ponder how you use your hands throughout a typical day and how jewellery will work with each activity. Ask yourself the following.
Which is your dominant hand, and how do you use it? A chippy works differently to a musician, and both will place their rings accordingly.
How can you use empty space? Between decorated fingers, a ringless finger can emphasise the placement of jewellery. Use empty space to the benefit of each Merchants piece, like a silent beat amidst melodies.
Do you fidget? Consider which hand you play with throughout the day, and accommodate for any restlessness.
How do your hands change throughout the day? Each finger can swell and vary as the day passes, making proper sizing an even more important endeavour.
Aside from the practical incorporation of jewellery, some wearers subscribe to a traditional symbolism related to each finger.
The ring finger is typically associated with romance, relationship, and promise. Our pick for your ring finger: the dusk ring.
The index finger is frequently considered the most used digit, conveying power and authority and speaking to a level of confidence. Our pick for your index finger: the mr modest set.
The middle finger is a representation of balance and order, as the centre-most point of your hand. Our pick for your middle finger: the godfather.
The pinky is often a symbol of family and intuition. Its distinction from the rest of the hand provides the perfect base for a signet or an interesting ring face. Our pick for your pinky: the sunwalker.
The thumb is easily overlooked as a canvas for jewellery, despite its association with influence and character. The proportions of the thumb dictate the size of the ring, which varies hugely between people. Our pick for your thumb: the circadian ring.
Secure your free ring sizer here and test it on each finger. Find your ideal hand and never turn back. Read more about finding the pieces for you here.
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