Image depicts jeweller wearing magnifying glasses while creating silver rings.

Until now: the Merchants story through the eyes of our founder and the creative mind behind the brand you see today.

The hunt for the perfect ring commenced a time ago.

Rifling through every market stall, vintage store and op shop you’d find Matt Banks, chasing styles that were both timeless and sentimental and would last through every salt water-tinged adventure.

When nothing quite mounted all of those needs, Matt quite literally took matters into his own hands. 

The storyline of Merchants was born in Bali, where he grew up influenced by an artisanal culture and devotion to the outdoors. In the years before Merchants, Matt was still a creative, working on graphic design and photography, outgrowing the rigid confines of a corporate context.

Combining a connection to the country with his own creative flair, Merchants was born. By collaborating with childhood friends and industry peers, Matt harnessed the joy of making and began to design for himself and whoever was brave enough to endeavour with him. 

Matt retains creative direction of our brand and community, involved with all parts on a granular level. Merchants is a platform for his values, establishing and showcasing the brand as one that does more good than otherwise. When he’s not designing or directing a campaign, you’ll find Matt in the surf, debriefing with the tide. 

Image shows two people in abstract balancing pose during photo shoot, brand owner Matt Banks standing to the left of the pose.

The brand name itself details Matt’s commitment to something more. Even his interpretation can sway in the wind, the name diverges into two parts - the first ties back to the age-old ‘Merchant' who would travel the world selling his rare goods, painting a vivid visual in our minds. The second is 'the Sun', the merchant always working for and with the sun, the giver of life and ensuring his mission tied back to preserving the soil he sold his wares on.

Much of Matt’s story is framed by reflection. Nothing material is captured without consideration for others, and all signet faces and pendant shapes emulate his surroundings with all the clarity of crafted silver. Fitting with the initial intention of Merchants, all designs are minimal so as to allow the wearer to imprint their own meaning in their own way.

Image depicts two men in the foreground and background, both on phones during a photo shoot

Merchants has since evolved to welcome a community of wearers. Reserves of creativity border each story and style of the brand, with an ethical reach that extends by the day. 

With that, the perfect ring was found. Paired with the ideal cuff, and the ultimate pendant. What makes each piece 'perfect' is the ongoing story that unfolds with each design, written by Matt and left open to you.

Every collection is limited in size and infinite in time and meaning. Each piece is etched with purpose, designed for daily wear. By using recycled 925 sterling silver, all styles are anti-tarnish and created in line with Matt’s original vision of active versatility.

The quintessential Merchants look is propounded by the flagship store on the Gold Coast, House of Merchants.

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