Rules for ring wearing, rules for cuff stacking, rules for mixing metals.
Fashion is dictated by far too many factors, contrary to the idea of dressing for expression. These guidelines are nothing more than arbitrary, if not limiting.
Merchants is a place to experiment unlike any other. Forget what your nana taught you and ignore what editors say. Life is short, break some rules with us.
RULE: Never mix metals.
BREAK: Debunked time and time again, mixing metals is a personal choice and just another option to spice up your wearables. Why neglect half of your collection? Layer a gold chain with silver, stack rings of varying tones, and always (always) decide for yourself.
RULE: Pair chains with chains, not cuffs.
BREAK: Don’t deprive your wrists of either kind of adornment, whether that’s a chain or a cuff. Each have their own purpose and look and, most importantly, they can absolutely be coupled together.
RULE: Jewellery is gendered.
BREAK: This one goes without saying. A piece of metal is not gendered, and can be worn by whoever fancies it - no ifs, ands or buts.
RULE: Less is more.
BREAK: Be bold or be minimal or fall somewhere in between. More can be more just as less can be less - measurements of style are entirely subjective.
RULE: Complement your outfit.
BREAK: The sentimentality of jewellery lends it to every day wear. Like an extension of your personality, wear your favourite pieces regardless of your outfit and wear them proudly.
Wear your rings as you choose, stack your bracelets in whatever order feels right, and mix metals until your heart’s desire.
There’s no ‘our house, our rules’ around here: find your own staples by following our tips.