Be not so quick to dismiss the importance of a good tote bag.

An accomplice to the grandeur of times.

He/she is always there.

Your best friend.

A keeper for your most precious items; The journal you hold dear, the book your yet to read, a towel for you to lay your weary head on as you sunbathe and bask in the glorious rays of midmorning sun.

Oh, the adventures you have seen together.

He/she, with nurture, withstands the toughest conditions like being filled to the brim with a forest of nutritious produce that spills from the edges of the double-stitched organic cotton.


A compadre that shares your beliefs and cares for our precious planet; limited, unique and made of only the most beloved fibres.

Through times of sadness, he/she offers you tissues, and with a little unzip of a pocket, hidden so subtly at the top of a seam, perhaps a sweet treat lies waiting, one you've had tucked away for a special occasion.

Once again, proving why he/she is your best friend.

Because this bag knows you.
It feels you.
And it too - is a part of you.

This bag is there when you write every story of your life.