Choosing Recycled Silver!
Crafting unique, special pieces and putting a smile on your face is what we're here to do! Although the way this is done is becoming more important than ever...
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Recycled silver is the process of taking silver already in existence and molding it into something else. It's not a mainstream method although is slowly growing. ☼
Recycled Silver Rings
The Issue.
The fashion industry is one of the worst contributors to waste and the jewellery industry is not helping. We decided very early on in merchants the impact we want to have, knowing that every action taken, every dollar spent, supports something.
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The Mines.
Damage caused by mining is vast and can lead to the destruction of entire landscapes, and there are countless issues besides the obvious physical destruction, one of them is called tailings. Which consists of billions of gallons of toxic chemicals and deadly metals which are expected to sit in ponds/dams although more often than not overflow and end up in rivers, lakes, underground streams, and the ocean. The billions of gallons of what was once freshwater has been known to wipe out entire ecosystems. There are all kinds of other issues though, and plenty in Australia alone. Seeing places along the likes of the 'Silver Mountain' in Bolivia (Potosi) and the grueling lives lived by over 16,000 men, women, and children is heavy. We like to adorn ourselves in precious metals although we don't actively think of the result of that purchase...
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"It’s time more junk got turned into treasure"
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Quality & Sourcing
We work closely with our silversmiths and our suppliers to ensure all our silver is 925 and 100% recycled. There's no difference in quality, just silver that's been on a longer journey, seen more wanderings, and more smiles. 🌾
Recyled Silver Jewellery
Becoming The Change 
There's always the first few people to make the move. We're one of the few amongst the men's jewellery labels. There has already been rapid growth in the women’s jewellery boutique brands. The recycling industry will keep growing with active support. The more people buying and using recycled silver, the smaller the footprint of the entire jewelry industry. Help us hold that candle and grow a much more important industry. ♻