Four ways to incorporate links into your daily look.

From the daily Dusk to the defined Nyx, chains can quickly become a staple if you know how to navigate the ways of the chain.

How to wear unisex necklaces
Out of focus. Whether your chain or pendant is situated beneath the collarbone or carefully sitting at the base of the neck can change the appearance of an outfit. Think about where you want the focal point to sit, and how prominent your pieces might be. The length of a pendant can attract the eyes downwards, while a shorter chain will draw the eyes inwards. 
How to wear pendant necklaces for me
Tone policing. Take note of your natural colouring and use gold and silver to complement your undertones. Mix metals to cover all bases, adding warmth and coolness to a full look. Use the size of pendants to cast a specific shade across your attire.
How to wear pendant necklaces
Blank space. Our skin is an accessory just as jewellery is, and making the most of empty spaces and bare skin can enhance an entire outfit. Pairing a shorter chain with one that scoops lower, or creating distance between your neckline and your adornments can provide a uniquely placed look.
How to layer necklaces
Pile it on. Layering chains opens the door for countless opportunities. Placing different styles, lengths and links is an act of geometry, requiring us to assess the qualities of each piece in order to layer thoughtfully. Layer according to texture and chain size, rather than length, and let the chains fall as they may.